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Christian CaféFrom the Buckfast Abbey Shops homepage:
The Bookshop maintains a very large collection of books on religious subjects, from works of academic theology to highly readable 'food for the spirit.' There is also a section dedicated to children's books and toys, beautiful cards for many occasions and substantial holdings of religious items including crucifixes and rosaries. Recordings of sacred music are stocked, as well as some exquisite jewellery...
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Dart Abbey Enterprises
Buckfast Abbey
Devon TQ11 0EE  • Map
Phone: 01364 645506   Fax: 01364 645524

Contact: Dave Ching

Visitor Info: www.buckfast.org.uk/page-shops.html
Shop Online: www.buckfast.org.uk/buyonline/shop/

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Products & Services Available
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checkbox Booktokens Stockist
checkboxChristian Books
checkboxCards, Gifts & Music
checkboxSoftware and DVDs
checkboxCredit & Debit Cards accepted
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