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Christian Books, Dunstable: take a look inside... We are an independent Christian Bookshop owned by Dunstable Baptist Church, operating to promote the Christian faith mainly through the sale of literature.

Other Services
Special Order Service; Online Ordering.

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St Mary's Gate, Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU6 3SW  • Map
Phone: 01582 601945

Contact: John Keble


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Opening Times
Monday to Saturday, 9am - 5pm

Products & Services Available
checkbox Member of the Booksellers Association
checkbox Booktokens Stockist
checkboxCards & Music
checkboxSoftware and DVDs
checkboxPayPal / Credit & Debit Cards accepted
checkboxMail Order service
checkboxSecondhand Stockist

Also Available
Audiobooks, Bargain Books,.Children's Books, Resource Materials,

News & Notes (most recent first)
CBC Logo Winner of the Christian Booksellers Convention "Small Christian Retailer of the Year" Award 2010

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