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Eleos Christian Bookshop, Welshpool (website snapshot 16/2/2015) From a review by Pastor Gervase Charmley, November 2010:
[Eleos Christian Books] is a welcoming, attractive bookshop, well-ordered and well-laid out. The staff are helpful, which is always a good thing. But best of all, the stock is good, and there are a lot of books in stock that are worth buying. It was a pleasant surprise to find Eleos in Welshpool, as Christian bookshops are becoming rare today, following the closure of many former Wesley Owen and SPCK stores. This one is very good indeed. While specialising in new books, there is a reasonable seletion of used books in stock too...

Secondhand Christian Books

Mission Statement
Providing Christian Literature so that people may come to faith in Jesus Christ

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Church Road
Wales SY21 7LN  • Map
Phone: 01938 556097   Fax: 01938 555920

Bookshop: www.eleos.co.uk
Church: www.kingswood-church.org

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Opening Times
Monday to Saturday, 10am - 4pm

Products & Services Available
checkboxChristian Books & Bibles
checkboxCards, Gifts & Music
checkboxSecondhand Stockist

News & Notes
In Many Bookshops with Pastor Charmley: Eleos Christian Books, Welshpool: Strict and Particular, 12/11/2010

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