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Good Books, Bridport (website snapshot 6/6/2012) Good Books is a bookshop which aims to provide practical resources for Christian life in West Dorset and its vicinity.

We sell books, cards, music, DVDs, gifts, posters, and church supplies such as candles.

Secondhand Christian Books

Other Services
Church Bookstalls
BookSwap Scheme

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St Mary's Old School
Gundry Lane
Dorset DT6 3RL  • Map
Phone: 01308 420483

Contact: Mrs Veronica Ziegler or Mrs Jo O'Farrell

Website: goodbooksbridport.wordpress.com

Opening Times
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 9am - 1pm
Wednesday & Friday, 9am - 3pm
Saturday, 10am - 12 noon

Products & Services Available
checkboxCards, Gifts & Music
checkboxSecondhand Stockist

Also Available
Church Supplies (candles, altar breads etc)

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