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Following the closure of Horsham Christian Centre (Crown Books) in January 2014, Horsham Matters took on responsibility for the christianbookshop.co.uk online store, which ceased operations in November 2015. Please note that there is no Christian bookshop at the address shown.

From the organisation's About page:

Horsham Matters Ltd is a social enterprise set up by Horsham Churches Together (HCT) whose aim is to deliver projects that provide practical support to those who are in need in the local area. We are committed to helping those who are unable for whatever reason to help themselves. We do not make any judgement on why someone is in the situation they are but aim first to meet their practical needs and then working with partner organisations to help them wider issues such as debt advice, pregnancy counselling or addiction...
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For correspondence/information only: please note that there is no bookshop at this address.
Micah House
Blatchford Road
West Sussex RH13 5QR   • Map
Phone: 01403 211833


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Registered Charity No. 1116253

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