Angels Angels
A Journey of Exploration for Individuals, Small Groups or Churches

Robert and Ro Willoughby
ISBN 9781844272235 (1844272230)
Scripture Union, 2006

Category: Small Group Resources
Reviewed by: Fiona Roques

Hurrah for Robert and Ro, who have managed to produce a truly flexible resource that would make an excellent small group Bible Study tool, or an individual study resource, and contains sermon ideas to help a potential speaker tie into the angel theme.

You might think flexibility comes at a cost, and that Angels compromises on depth. But it was a wonderful surprise to find Angels to be as thought provoking as it is varied. Each session includes a Bible encounter with questions that do not ask you to repeat back what you've just read, but to engage with the Bible and with your own life. Accompanying each study are background notes, recommended for the leader's benefit. This vital section enables the group to stay grounded in the scripture while following a thematic rather than biblical study.

I found it very refreshing to pick up a resource that claimed to be good for all age worship that didn't have sticking and drawing as the only activity. Robert and Ro have managed to come up with creative ideas that are varied and interesting. The downfall, if there is one, is that the leader cannot use this as it comes. There is too much material for any one service or small group time, although it would be tempting to do so.

Robert and Ro particulary recommend using this material during advent. I would do the same: if you're looking for some help in your pre-Christmas small group study, weekly services or both, Angels would provide a refreshingly different, immensely colourful lead up to Christmas.

Fiona Roques, November 2006

Fiona Roques is a graduate of London School of Theology, where she is now working as Administrator for the course in Theology & Counselling.

Previously published by London School of Theology. Reused here by kind permission.

Scripture Union

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