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Better than Halloween Better than Halloween
Bright alternatives for churches and children

Nick Harding
ISBN 9780715141014 (0715141015)
Church House Publishing, 2006

Category: Books for Children and Parents
Subcategory: Children's Work & Ministry

At home and school we teach safety and values...

but when Halloween comes along, we face a tradition that encourages poor behaviour, "rewards on demand" by trick or treating and celebrates the wearing of scary masks or grotesque costumes.

Many parents are not happy about this negative influence and are looking for a positive alternative; a better way...

It's here this practical book is a must for any Church thinking of running an alternative event to Halloween. It's packed with lots of ideas and resources ready to pick out and use. Made even easier with a free full-colour CD-ROM included with the book which contains all of the supporting material (e.g. posters, invites).

At a time when Halloween is becoming an ever more popular party event and more and more commercialized, Nick Harding challenges the Church to bring a better and brighter light back to Halloween. The suggestions Nick puts forward are biblically based and child-centered, aimed at children from 5 to 11 years. He gives a clear explanation of the traditions of Halloween, and the reasons why it's important for the Church to offer an alternative to Halloween.

In the book Nick lays out detailed instructions and practical suggestions for the planning and running of alternative events, as well as considerations such as Child Protection.

With all this to offer, let's shine a light into a dark world on the 31st October.

David Fitzgerald, October 2006

David Fitzgerald is the Children's Minister at Emmanuel Church, Northwood. His work focuses on the the younger children in the church (from birth to Year 6). David is a graduate of London School of Theology, where he specialised in Children's and School's Ministry. He and his wife, Jo, have three children of their own.

Church House Publishing

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