The Bible: A History The Bible: A History
The Making and Impact of the Bible

Stephen M Miller & Robert V Huber
Hardback, ISBN 9780745950723 (0745950728), £25.00
Paperback, ISBN 9780745951768 (0745951767), £12.99

Lion Hudson, 2003 and 2005

Category: Bibles and Bible Guides

It's well known that the Bible isn't a single book — it's a collection of books written over many, many years. What's less well known is how the Bible as we know it today came to be. Who decided which ancient writings were in and which were out? How did they decide? These are the sort of questions that this book addresses, in a way that's suitable for both newcomers to the Bible and for those who already know it well. This is a superbly presented and lavishly illustrated volume that lives up to its title in every way, the sort of book that would make a wonderful gift for any lover of the Bible and the hardback especially would grace the coffee table of any home.

I first came across the book at the London Book Fair 2003 and within minutes of picking it up and leafing through it knew that I'd be ordering a copy for my wife's birthday... and I'm pleased to report that it was as well received as I'd hoped for.

It's made up of five main sections, the first two introducing the Old and New Testaments, then proceeds through the Bible in the Church, through the Reformation and on into the modern era. The authors are gifted writers who have both worked on Bible-based projects for the Reader's Digest before taking on this project for Lion, and they write with both passion and expertise. An excerpt from the introduction sets the tone:

This is his [God's] story. It rests patiently on leather scrolls hidden in caves for 2,000 years. It outlasts flames kindled to silence it, and fuels the passion of believers who make more copies. It survives critical study by sceptical scholars. And it drives missionaries to take it to the ends of the earth, and translators to turn spoken languages into written languages for the sole purpose of letting others read God's story for themselves.

An extensive bibliography brings the book to a close for those who may wish to explore matters further.

(Review originally published on this site in May 2003; updated March 2005)

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Phil Groom, March 2005

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Lion Hudson

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