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The Bible and the Qur'an The Bible and the Qur'an
A Question of Integrity

Steven Masood
ISBN 9781850783695 (1850783691)
Authentic, 2001

Category: Islamic Studies

In this book, Steven Masood has set himself a demanding task. To examine the competing claims of both Muslims and Christians regarding their Scriptures in a way which does justice to the technicalities and complexities of the issues but remains clear in its judgements and perspectives is a demanding aim. But to do so in such a way as to maintain a respectful and open spirit is exemplary. Furthermore, packed into what is intentionally a popular treatment of his theme, Masood has managed to provide the reader with a wealth of sometimes rather technical detail — sometimes even in Arabic!

Masood's first chapter is an important examination of Christian and Muslim concepts of revelation — both faiths claim to be both "revealed" and "historical."

Then Masood's book leads us through various ways of considering the reliablibility of each set of Scriptures. According to Masood's exposition, even the Qur'an affirms the reliability of the Bible as it existed in both the seventh century and today. As for errors and contradictions, Masood argues that if the same criteria are applied to both Bible and Qur'an, then the frequent modern claim that the Bible is corrupted simply does not add up. Masood traces the manuscript tradition of each set of Scriptures and produces an assiduous map of the relevant data.

This is a very helpful and important book for all of us who are concerned to engage intelligently in Christian-Muslim dialogue.

Robert Willoughby, October 2002

Robert Willoughby teaches New Testament and Children's Ministry at London School of Theology. He is the author of The Children's Guide to the Bible, Angels and So, who is God?, all from Scripture Union, and is a regular contributor to Scripture Union's daily Bible reading notes, Encounter with God.

Previously published by London School of Theology. Reused here by kind permission.

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