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Discovering Hebrews Discovering Hebrews
(Crossway Bible Guides)

Steve Motyer
ISBN 9781856842242 (185684224X)
IVP, 2005

Category: Commentaries

This guide to Hebrews is ideal for personal devotional use or small group study: it combines bags of enthusiasm, warmth, readability and application with proper theology, and doesn't sidestep the hard questions (e.g. Once saved always saved? Did Jesus really experience every single temptation that we feel?).

Motyer keeps us well orientated in the letter, giving a good birds-eye view of things, helpfully flagging up what to expect, then unpacking points as we go. He stresses early on that Hebrews gives a distinctive angle on Jesus' identity — as the great high priest — and that he is superior to all other biblical figures and angels.

Motyer brings out the writer's strategy in terms of rhetorical style (heavyweight theology, heart-capturing entreaties) structure and argument. The 'Digging Deeper' sections, where Motyer explains particular concepts in a bit more depth, are packed with gems of theological and historical background that you wouldn't get in your average Sunday sermon or Bible reading notes.

All in all a great book, loaded with information and inspiration. A fantastic accompaniment to your Bible.

John Catmur, January 2006

John Catmur is a student at London School of Theology.

Previously published by London School of Theology. Reused here by kind permission.


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