Forty Eight (48) Days to the Work You Love Forty Eight (48) Days to the Work You Love

Dan Miller
ISBN 9781853454066 (1853454060)
CWR, 2007

Category: Christian Life & Discipleship

Placing itself in the "40 Days of Purpose" spectrum, this book promises tools for the Christian to reconcile theology of "work as service to God" with a practical experience which often feels nothing but. It starts out promisingly with an encouragement to find out what God has gifted you with and to consider your work as just one part of your life, rather than an almost-encompassing whole that your family, church and other things must squeeze around. And a vocation can be your paid secular work as much as church work.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the second half, considering the practical side of the job search, the Christian element mostly disappears, and it becomes virtually indistinguishable from a secular (American) book on the subject. The signs have been there from the start: Miller seems convinced that a job "you love" must be high-paying - his list of life goals has money first, spirituality only fifth - and not full-time Christian work - two of his case studies involve dissatisfied pastors.

Nor does he even mention two important ethical issues: is a particular line of work one that I as a Christian consider compatible with my faith; and in an age of increasing time pressure and consumerism, should I perhaps be seeking to spend less, and hence be happy with a job that gives me more time to devote to family and church?

Ultimately although the book's aim is good, it is hard to recommend it over a conjunction of one of several other good books on the theology of work (see below) and the need for a more British-focused book on the practicalities of job search.

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Colin Bell, November 2007

Colin Bell graduated from London School of Theology in 2006, and is now (sometimes successfully) juggling a full-time job in software engineering with involvement in a local church as a youth worker and preacher.


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