Heart to Heart Heart to Heart
Eight ways to understand and heal your vital connection to God

Ali Martin and Liza Hoeksma
ISBN 9781850789956 (1850789959)
Authentic, 2012 (124pp)

Category: Youth Work and Ministry
Reviewed by: Chloe Lynch

Our heart is the very core of who we are. Because of this, Scripture tells us to guard our hearts above all else. But how can we do this in the context of twenty-first century life? How can we understand what state our hearts are in right now and how can we bring ourselves to an attitude of honesty before God about the need for our hearts to be transformed and renewed?

You'll find some answers in this great new book from Ali Martin and Liza Hoeksma. Although it's not evident from the summary on the book's cover or its opening chapter, Heart to Heart's Soul Survivor provenance (both authors hail from the Watford church and the foreword comes from Mike Pilavachi) marks out this book as very clearly aimed at the young people's market when it comes to popular Christian literature. It seems also from the range of real-life stories used in the book that the its main market is intended to be female.

Chapters include reference to the trusting heart, the peaceful heart, the surrendered heart, the resurrected heart and much more. Whilst I don't think it was clear why these chapter topics were chosen above any others, the content was good and relatively engaging. This co-write is well-blended and although it is clearly marked as to which author is writing each chapter, there was not a noticeable difference in tone. This made for a smooth read!

The book's approach and style will definitely appeal to teenaged girls and perhaps some in their early twenties but, as one who is somewhat out of this age category now, I still found that it was a good read. In particular, I valued the honesty of the authors in sharing examples from their own lives as well as the inclusion of many short and three much longer testimonies of heart-healing from various young women. It was perhaps this most of all which will make the book attractive to a younger generation: the authors' willingness to filter Scriptural truth and Christian wisdom through the nitty-gritty of real-life experience gives their message a persuasive quality.

This is one to consider giving to one of the young women whom you know and, at only 124 pages, it won't be seen as too long or heavy yet it delivers a strong and helpful Christian message.

Chloe Lynch, September 2012

A church leader and PhD student at London School of Theology, Chloe also juggles various freelance teaching and writing roles. She reflects on life and leadership (and books!) at The Art of Steering

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