Indescribable Indescribable

Louie Giglio
Product Code: SURDVD5129 (B002EIJ8KO)
Kingsway, 2008

Category: DVD & Multimedia
Reviewed by: Dan Balsdon

Indescribable! I don't think there could be a better title. We all gaze into the night sky on a clear night and stand in awe of what we can see, so far away. This DVD doesn't just extend that awe, but also brings home the vastness of creation and highlights our significance in God's world.

The DVD is a recording of a talk that Louie Giglio made in Houston, Texas. He's easy to listen too, sharing the clear passion he has for space, and more importantly for Jesus Christ. Through the bible and images taken by satellites and telescopes you are taken on an amazing journey through the universe. Through the pictures he shares and the words he speaks he brings a reality I have never seen before as he talks about the size of space, comparing it to the size of earth, and the apparent insignificance of such a small planet in the entirety of space.

However as you explore the expanses of space, seeing amazing pictures with colours and shapes you would never dream of or imagine, there is also a closeness, a sense of being part of something bigger, much bigger, seeing creation with new eyes. He draws to a close with a picture that is unbelievable. I won't spoil it for you here, but through it he focuses on Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice he made for us, on this small, apparently insignificant planet, our 'Significant insignificance', the greatness of God, and his unending grace.

Being a recording of a talk, you might think it's hard to watch and will be impersonal, with funny camera angles and lighting, but I assure you, you feel as if you are there the time it was filmed. This is an excellent resource for you at home, for youth groups, house groups, or even to show in a church service. It's a catalyst for discussion, and would help all people, but especially those who are feeling a lack of worth in the world, those who have an interest in space, and perhaps those seeking to understand more of God's grace for themselves.

Whether you have never gazed up into the night sky, or have an avid interest in space and all that's "out of this world", you will find this DVD inspiring, overwhelming and indescribable.

Dan Balsdon, September 2012

Dan Balsdon is the full-time manager of SACREdplace, St Austell's Christian Resource Centre. He also has involvement in his local Methodist church with his wife in youth & children's work, along with commitments to Churches Together St Austell, Cornwall BUSH Conference, preaching & pastoral work.

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