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This page indexes titles from IVP. Titles from Christian publishers should be available from your local Christian Bookshop; for others, you'll probably need to search elsewhere (most reviews include links to Amazon). If you're not sure where your nearest Christian Bookshop is, please check the Town & City Index. If you can't find a shop nearby, most titles featured should be available from eden.co.uk.

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ISBN Title Author Publisher
From Eden to the New JerusalemFrom Eden to the New Jerusalem
Reviewed by Jeremy Kirby (September 2009)
Category: Biblical Studies
T Desmond Alexander IVP, 2008
Christian ZionismChristian Zionism
Reviewed by Phil Groom (January 2009)
Category: Israel & Palestine
Stephen Sizer IVP, 2004
BST New Testament Series - CD ROMBST New Testament Series - CD ROM
Reviewed by Paul Greene (January 2008)
Category: Commentaries
Subcategory: New Testament
John Stott, Series Editor IVP, 2007
Reviewed by Derek Tidball (June 2007)
Category: Commentaries
Nobuyoshi Kiuchi IVP, 2007
The Message of Evil and SufferingThe Message of Evil and Suffering
Reviewed by James Collins (April 2007)
Category: Biblical Studies
Peter Hicks IVP, 2006
Angels and Demons (IVP)Angels and Demons (IVP)
Reviewed by Peter Cotterell (April 2007)
Category: Doctrine and Theology
Peter Riddell & Beverly Smith Riddell (Editors) IVP, 2007
Discovering Peter and JudeDiscovering Peter and Jude
Reviewed by Robert Willoughby (March 2007)
Category: Commentaries
Dianne Tidball IVP, 2007
The Story of IsraelThe Story of Israel
Reviewed by Sue Groom (July 2006)
Category: Biblical Studies
C. Marvin Pate, J. Scott Duvall, J. Daniel Hays, E. Randolph Richards, W. Dennis Tucker Jr. & Preben Vang IVP, 2004
Jubilee ManifestoJubilee Manifesto
Reviewed by Tom Wharin (July 2006)
Category: Ethics & Morality
Michael Schluter & John Ashcroft (Editors) IVP, 2005
Surprised By JesusSurprised By Jesus
Reviewed by Phil Groom (July 2006)
Category: Christian Life & Discipleship
Tim Stafford IVP, 2006
Interpreting the PsalmsInterpreting the Psalms
Reviewed by Sue Groom (June 2006)
Category: Biblical Studies
Subcategory: Old Testament
Philip S. Johnston and David G. Firth (Editors) IVP, 2005
Discovering HebrewsDiscovering Hebrews
Reviewed by John Catmur (January 2006)
Category: Commentaries
Steve Motyer IVP, 2005
Early Christian Mission
Reviewed by Andy Partington (January 2006)
Category: Evangelism & Mission
Eckhard J Schnabel IVP, 2004
What Could I Be?What Could I Be?
Reviewed by Steve Motyer (March 2005)
Category: Christian Life & Discipleship
Peter Hicks IVP, 2005
The Message of LeviticusThe Message of Leviticus
Reviewed by Mary Evans (March 2005)
Category: Commentaries
Derek Tidball IVP, 2005, 336pp.
Refuge from Abuse
Reviewed by John Wilks (March 2005)
Category: Christian Life & Discipleship
Nancy Nason-Clark and Catherine Clark Kroeger IVP, 2004
Islam in ConflictIslam in Conflict
Reviewed by Phil Groom (August 2004)
Category: Islamic Studies
Peter G Riddell and Peter Cotterell IVP, 2003
Hearing God's Words
Reviewed by Antony Billington (July 2004)
Category: Spirituality
Peter Adam IVP
The Rise of Evangelicalism
Reviewed by Antony Billington (July 2004)
Category: Doctrine and Theology
Mark A Noll IVP, 2004
Judaism Before JesusJudaism Before Jesus
Reviewed by Simon Hawthorne (June 2004)
Category: Biblical Studies
Anthony J. Tomasino IVP, 2003
The Message of SamuelThe Message of Samuel
Reviewed by Conrad Gempf (April 2004)
Category: Commentaries
Mary J Evans IVP, 2004
Reviewed by Robert Willoughby (March 2004)
Category: Commentaries
Colin G Kruse IVP, 2003
Discovering RevelationDiscovering Revelation
Reviewed by Steve Motyer (March 2004)
Category: Commentaries
Peter Hicks IVP, 2004
Getting Your BearingsGetting Your Bearings
Reviewed by Mark Burnhope (January 2004)
Category: Education
Philip Duce and Daniel Strange (Eds) IVP, 2003
What Could I Do?What Could I Do?
Reviewed by Lish Eves (March 2003)
Category: Christian Life & Discipleship
Peter Hicks IVP, 2003
Why Bother With Church?Why Bother With Church?
Reviewed by Conrad Gempf (October 2001)
Category: Emerging Church & Postmodern Faith
Simon Jones IVP, 2001
What Could I Say?What Could I Say?
Reviewed by Chris Jack (January 2001)
Category: Christian Life & Discipleship
Peter Hicks IVP, 2000
Now Choose LifeNow Choose Life
Reviewed by Antony Billington (July 1998)
Category: Biblical Studies
J. Gary Millar IVP, 1998
Speaking of WomenSpeaking of Women
Reviewed by Conrad Gempf (May 1998)
Category: Biblical Studies
Andrew Perriman IVP, 1998
Evangelicals and TruthEvangelicals and Truth
Reviewed by Antony Billington (May 1998)
Category: Emerging Church & Postmodern Faith
Peter Hicks IVP, 1998
Dictionary of the Later New Testament and Its DevelopmentsDictionary of the Later New Testament and Its Developments
Reviewed by Conrad Gempf (February 1998)
Category: Language & Reference
Subcategory: New Testament
Ralph Martin & Peter Davids (Editors) IVP, 1997
Jesus and The GospelsJesus and The Gospels
Reviewed by Conrad Gempf (January 1998)
Category: Biblical Studies
Craig Blomberg IVP, 1997


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