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On Being a Pastor On Being a Pastor
Understanding Our Calling and Work

Alistair Begg and Derek Prime
ISBN 9780802431196 (0802431194)
Moody Press, 2006

Category: Church Leadership & Resources

With some books it's hard to give a simple 'yes' or 'no' to the "is it worth a read" question. On Being a Pastor is just such a book!

On Being a Pastor is a revised and expanded version of Derek Prime's Pastors and Teachers which benefits tremendously from the input of Alistair Begg whose personality and ministry context brings much-needed balance to those of Derek Prime.

Is it worth a read?

Well, it depends on who's asking — on their personality, on their ministry context, on their needs.

You see this is a prescriptive and practical guide to pastoral ministry. Its highly structured approach will alienate many readers. The style of ministry it commends will seem too rigid to many. The demanding standard it expects from pastors will overwhelm others.

But it has to be said On Being a Pastor is a jolly useful and readable book — a 'return to again and again' book. It contains a great deal of wise, specific advice for those in pastoral ministry. It offers an excellent point of reference for those who's autonomy makes regular reflection on best-practice essential for ongoing effectiveness and faithfulness in service. On Being a Pastor will be especially helpful to those who have recently launched out in full-time pastoral ministry in the local church — its structured, prescriptive approach offering an answer to so many of those 'nuts and bolts' questions with which we need to contend to serve God both faithfully and joyfully.

Is it worth a read?


Andy Partington, May 2007

Andy Partington is a former tutor at London School of Theology where he taught Evangelism and Public Speaking and served as Director of Training. In 2006 he left LST to take up a pastorate at Trinity Union Church, Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Moody Press

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