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So, who is God? So, who is God?
Answers to real questions about God

Robert Willoughby
ISBN 9781844271672 (1844271676)
Scripture Union, 2006 (118pp)

Category: Books for Children and Parents

This delightful, very readable book attempts to answer 30 nitty-gritty questions that children (and adults) might have about God. Questions are phrased tantalisingly, for example, 'Where did God come from?', 'How can God hear everybody?' and 'Does God ever go to bed?' Each chapter covers one question. 'How old is God?' asks chapter 24. Skip to the end of the chapter to read the answer, 'God is...eternal'.

However, you would miss out on the colourful intervening pages with stories retold from the Bible attractively illustrated by Simon Smith, fun brain teasers, verses to remember, and fascinating facts about God. Key people and words are in bold throughout directing you to a helpful index at the back.

This book is not afraid to tackle the tough theological questions, such as why a 12-year old might die from cancer. Its theology is explicit, and thoroughly biblical, drawing in a balanced way from both the Old and New Testaments. The overall message is that you can know Jesus as your friend.

How might you use this publication? You could use it educationally within a children's church or devotionally with a child at bedtime. However you use it, you will be encouraged to investigate, wonder and, above all, engage with the all-important question, 'So, who is God?'

Clare Woodhead, October 2006

Clare Woodhead is a postgraduate student at London School of Theology.

Previously published by London School of Theology. Reused here by kind permission.

Scripture Union

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