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Three Crucial Questions about Spiritual Warfare Three Crucial Questions about Spiritual Warfare

Clinton Arnold
ISBN 9780801057847 (0801057841)
Baker Academic, 1997

Category: Doctrine and Theology

What is spiritual warfare? Can a Christian be demon possessed? What are territorial spirits?

Those are the three questions, and here's one more: how does a highly regarded New Testament scholar get involved with Jesus marches, deliverance ministries, territorial spirits and spiritual mapping?

Arnold is respected for his work on the background of the 'powers' in Ephesians. He has acted as a theological consultant to those involved in the AD 2000 movement associated with Ralph Winter and Peter Wagner, although he does not agree with all of their emphases and strategies.

Evidence for each issue is discussed; the different views and practices surveyed with care, courtesy, and accessible scholarship. Arnold is perhaps too fair to the wilder outreaches of 'experiential theology' which are only scantily related to biblical concepts and principles. Although he accepts the existence of 'territorial spirits', the star-wars type of approach of the 'Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare' strategists is, in his view, invalid. Ground-level conventional warfare is where it's at.

This is an essential book. It is perhaps a bit too generous in places, not always convincing in its biblical exegesis, but mega-useful for anyone working out where they stand (or march) for Jesus!

Lish Eves, March 1998

Lish Eves taught Missiology and much more at London School of Theology. She has decades of experience of mission work in Indonesia as well as many years experience with recalcitrant and eager students.

Previously published by London School of Theology. Reused here by kind permission.

Baker Academic

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