PRESS RELEASE: Unicorn Tree Books (6 February 2008)

With the sad demise of first, Advance Books and now the SPCK/SSG Bookshop in Lincoln, we would like to announce that we, at Unicorn Tree Books, are selling Christian Books & Requisites, thus trying to honour the spirit of Advance Books & SPCK by returning Christian Books to the Market in which Advance Books started out over 50 years ago, and the SPCK's aim to be a witness in the heart of the city.

Before taking on Unicorn Tree Books, Melanie Carroll - the owner, spent 10 years working for SPCK Bookshops - and was manager of 3 of their stores in that time, London, Brighton & Lincoln, she was also their e-commerce website manager for 5 years.  Her heart for Christian Books didn't dissipate and she continues to be the Religious and Philosophy Previewer for Publishing News, and also on the Review Board of, however she felt called to move on and into the Market and the general book trade.

However when Tim of Advance informed her of his closing down, and then with the changing times at SPCK and their stock ordering issues under the new ownership just before Christmas, we began carrying a range of Christian Books and church requisites such as Communion Wafers.

With the SPCK Bookshop now having been closed by the current owners of the bookshop, and the staff's employment terminated, this now leaves Unicorn Tree Bookshop as the sole remaining retailer in Lincoln of both Christian Books and Church Requisites.

We are saddened by the demise of these esteemed shops in the last 12 months, and only hope we can go some way to filling their shoes in the years ahead. We cannot stress enough our hopes and prayers for the staff who have been left without employment through these closures.

As with all our ranges we have signed up with the major wholesalers both in the UK & US, to ensure a range of excellent product at great prices (most books are at slightly less than the RRP wherever possible!) and as ever we do also offer an ordering service on books not held in stock and endeavour to provide all orders within 7 days of ordering, though in many cases we can provide orders within 3 days.

Please note that we already carry Communion Wafers in stock, and are offering an order service for Paschal Candles, transfers and other product - we hope to have some in stock to buy from the shelves in time for Easter, but prior ordering would give us an idea as to take up.
Please do make contact with us to discuss your churches actual needs as it is our aim to render you the best service possible, but we need to know what you really want from us to be able to best provide it! We are small currently but with your help we hope to grow.

With the season of Lent now upon us we begin this new journey, and as Easter approaches, we hope that you will please support us as we endeavour to continue to bring Christian Books into the heart of the marketplace and Lincoln!

The Shops opening hours are:
Monday - Saturday, 9:00AM - 4:00PM


Melanie Carroll
Unicorn Tree Books,
35-40 Central Market
Sincil Street,
Lincoln. LN5 7ET
T: 01522 525557
F: 01522 830896

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