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1. Cookies

This site uses Google Analytics and other third-party add-ons (including but not limited to Disqus Comments, Facebook 'Like' buttons and live Twitter feeds) which use cookies to collect anonymous traffic data and to provide site functionality. These third parties also use cookies to identify your account when you access their services: please see their privacy policies for further details.

If you object to this use of cookies, please disable them in your browser's settings, but please note that some site functionality may be lost as a result. Please visit for more information about cookies and how to control them.

No cookies are placed directly by UKCBD and no data about you is collected by UKCBD apart from via your own communications.

2. Disclaimers

i. Data Accuracy

Whilst every effort will be made to ensure that information in both the UK Christian Bookshops Directory and the Christian Writers Directory is accurate and up to date, no liability whatsoever can be accepted for any errors or consequences arising therefrom.

With respect to Christian bookshops: opening times in particular are subject to change, and sometimes shops move, reconfigure their websites, change personnel, cease trading or do all manner of strange things without notifying UKCBD of the changes: if in doubt, please contact the shop before travelling, and if you discover an out of date entry or broken link, please get in touch. All entries updated since 2009 are flagged with the date of that update. Any undated entries have not been updated since before then and should be regarded as status uncertain.

UKCBD entries are based upon information provided directly by or derived from the websites of the shops concerned and, in the case of Booksellers Association (BA) members, from the BA Members Directory (used with permission). Each shop or business listed is strongly encouraged to ensure that its own listing is kept up to date: details of any changes needed should be submitted via the Bookshop Registration and Update form. Entries will be updated as soon as possible, usually within 6 weeks of notification, but due to the voluntary nature of this project that cannot be guaranteed. Updates are logged on the UKCBD blog under Latest Updates.

With respect to Christian writers: all entries are compiled from data supplied by the writers themselves and any queries should be addressed directly to the writer concerned using the contact info in their entry. All entries are flagged with the date of the last update and the five most recent updated entries will be listed on the home page. Writers may request updates at any time and these will be carried out as soon as practically possible, subject to the same provisos that apply to bookshops (see previous paragraph).

ii. Business Relationships

No endorsement of any business or individual listed in either directory is implied. Any relationship or transaction established between you and any other party listed exists only between you and that party: it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself that the party concerned meets your requirements.

3. Your Communications

UKCBD respects your privacy: no information beyond that required for the relevant Directory itself will normally be published or disclosed to any third parties without your consent unless so required by UK law.

Please note, however, that unless agreed to the contrary in advance, when submitting any communications to this website or its representatives by any means whatsoever you grant an unrestricted worldwide license to cite, republish or reuse all such communications in part or in whole via any medium that exists now or that may exist in the future. You further warrant that you have the legal right to submit such communications and that you accept full liability and responsibility for their entire content and for all and any consequences arising from such citation, republishing or reuse. This overrides, supersedes and takes absolute precedence over any other copyright or confidentiality clauses unless explicitly agreed by both parties in advance. This clause will normally only be invoked in the event of a perceived threat to this site such as but not limited to attempts to serve Cease and Desist notices: please see SPCK/SSG: My Story for why this clause is necessary. Normal commenting and feedback will be treated with the respect it deserves: if in doubt, please ensure that you only communicate those things which you wish to be published and attributed to you.

4. Disclosure Statement

Links to third party sites including but not limited to and may include affiliate/associate tracking code. Any purchases made after using such links may generate a commission for UKCBD which is paid by the linked site at no extra cost to you. Most other site advertising is provided by Google Adsense, which generates a commission for UKCBD on a click-through basis.

5. Copyright

Site Design & Maintenance by Phil Groom © 2001 - 2017 Phil Groom. The UKCBD Database and the Christian Writers Directory Database are both protected under the provisos of the IPO's Database right legislation: please respect that right and do not create any derivative works without permission. Thank you.

6. For the avoidance of doubt

Please note that Quoakle (Community Limited), the company using the domain, is a separate entity and is not in any way affiliated to or associated with this directory. Any queries about their listings should be addressed directly to them: Quoakle - Contact Us.

Use of this site indicates acceptance of these terms.

Updated: Sunday, 19 November, 2017

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