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Margaret Kazmierczak, Novelist, Devotional Writer and Blogger

Margaret Kazmierczak: Margaret Kazmierczak

How to make Victoria Sponge by Margaret Kazmierczak
I have been writing in my head all my life, as life is a continual script waiting to be written. My name is Margaret Kazmierczak and I have worked in various fields including the NHS, Preschool education and Business. I also spent a few years living in a contemplative religious order. I was one of four children and the only girl. I learnt to 'fit in' by playing football and being a tomboy. My working life has been varied and I have enjoyed the challenges of each new job.

At the tender age of 53 I embarked on my first Christian novel How to make Victoria Sponge which was published in 2014. I live in Dorset with my husband and three children and in my spare time I spend time blogging, writing and doing family research. The inspiration for my book has come from the many experiences I have gained during a half century of watching, listening and sharing with other people. So often God and life seem to be separated and put into different boxes as though they have nothing to do with one another.

The story of Victoria Sponge is based on many witness accounts put together to tell the tale of a family that struggles with issues such as bullying, mental distress and being different. In a world that centres on the 'me' culture, Victoria centres on God to help her find the solutions to her problems. The book is best described in the following statement:

Victoria Sponge, a well known cake? Wrong, a wife and mother of four children. Disorganized and chaotic, filled with obligations. Her best friend is God who shares with her, His amazing love. From tripping over a hoover left in the hallway to discovering her son's desire to die because he is different, Victoria journeys through her own Lent. Giving up is not an option, but saying 'yes' to God each day is. Tragedy and comical events follow Vicki through her week, but does Victoria Sponge rise through all the messiness that life offers or does she sink?

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