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Sue Russell, Novelist

Sue Russell: Sue Russell

Sue Russell
Apart from books, both writing and reading, my other love is music: I sing in a big choir, play the flute in a band (not very well) and am the organist in our small Norman village church.

I also have a handful of piano pupils, one of whom is an 85 year old beginner, who treats me like a spring chicken, even though I am myself a pension-collecting step-grandmother.

I have the blessing of a home in France with a huge labour-consuming garden, and I go there in most months of the year. I am married to a patient man and have two fine grown-up daughters and a beloved dog.

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Home: www.slrussell.co.uk
Blog: www.suerussellsblog.blogspot.co.uk

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Kent, UK

checkbox Association of Christian Writers

Books in Print

Leviathan with a Fish-hook Leviathan with a Fish-hook
ISBN: 9780755211814 (Paperback)
New Generation Publishing, 2009
The Monster Behemoth The Monster Behemoth
ISBN: 9780755212729 (Paperback)
New Generation Publishing, 2010
The Land of Nimrod The Land of Nimrod
ISBN: 9780755213740 (Paperback)
New Generation Publishing, 2011
A Shed in a Cucumber Field A Shed in a Cucumber Field
ISBN: 9780755216727 (Paperback)
New Generation Publishing, 2014

eBooks Published
All the above are available for Kindle and other e-readers

Books Planned
Current work in Progress: An Iron Yoke

There are reviews of all my books on Amazon and at slrussell.co.uk/reviews

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