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Tanya Marlow, Devotional and Non-fiction (Biblical Studies, Memoir and Spirituality) Writer

Tanya Marlow: Tanya Marlow

Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty: Whispers of Restoration from the Book of Ruth
Tanya Marlow, writer and author of Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty, has ten years' experience as a Christian minister, pastoral counsellor and lecturer in Biblical Theology.

In 2007, she was diagnosed with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: living with chronic illness has shaped and refined her theology, and made her passionate about justice for marginalised people.

These are a few of her favourite things: singing opera arias, eating dark chocolate, watching the sea, taking endless photos at family reunions, and laughing at her own jokes.

She likes answering the tricky questions of faith that most avoid, and writing honestly about suffering and searching for God. She lives in a vicarage in Devon, England, with her husband and energetic son, and writes at tanyamarlow.com

Specialist Interests
These are topics I like to write about:
- spirituality and theology of suffering
- fighting perfectionism
- Christian attitude to emotions
- chronic illness
- online friendships and church
- doubt
- discipline of rest
- feminism
- disability
- social justice
- parenting and marriage

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Available for...
Magazine articles
Radio and video interviews from my house

South West England

Books in Print

Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty: Whispers of Restoration from the Book of Ruth Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty: Whispers of Restoration from the Book of Ruth
ISBN: 9781507685358 (Paperback)
Createspace, 2015

eBooks Published
Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty is available as a free eBook when you sign up to Tanya's newsletter.

Books Planned
Book on the spirituality of suffering
Contributor of a chapter to Soul Bare (forthcoming c. 2016)

Other Writing Published
'Gratitude' in Closer to God: Scripture Union, Jan-Mar 2014 edition
What's Her Name? She Loves Magazine, 30 Oct 2014
My Friend Is Hurting. What Do I say? Relevant Magazine, 25 Oct 2013

Feeling Empty, Being Filled - the Book of Ruth: Amy Boucher Pye, Feb 2015
Review: Coming Back to God When You Feel Empty: Kristy Burmeister, Jan 2015


Finalist for Best Blog Finalist for Best Blog
Christian New Media Awards 2013 (UK)

There's more...
In the world but not of the world: Something Understood — With John McCarthy, BBC Radio 4 (National UK Radio), 15 Jun 2014
Premier Christian Radio: Interview with Maria Rodrigues, Woman to Woman programme, Premier Christian Radio, 25 Feb 2015

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